San Antonio Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory & Imaging Technology


Diagnosing illness and injury in pets is a skill, enhanced by experience and technology. Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital offers the skill and experience of our veterinarian, Dr. Meier, paired with modern technology in our on-site laboratory and imaging department.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

For basic and routine diagnostics such as obtaining the wellness baseline, comprehensive blood work, and parasite exams, our laboratory offers accuracy and convenience.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a non-invasive technology that uses sound waves to capture images inside the body. Ultrasound images allow us to view blood flow, heartbeat, and fluids moving through the body. It is considered a risk-free technology, safe to use on pregnant animals and developing fetuses.

These images have somewhat low resolution and skill is required in reading the results. In addition, ultrasound has limited use, as it cannot penetrate bone.

Veterinary Radiology

Radiographs or X-rays use radiation to penetrate deeply into tissue to create an image. Using modern technology, these images are produced quickly and easily with clear image of bones, joints, and organs.

These images do expose the patient to small doses of potentially dangerous radiation, although our modern equipment is targeted to minimize this exposure. X-ray uses are limited, as they capture only a moment in time, unable to show movement such as heartbeats or blood flow.

Diagnostic Referrals

For more advanced or complex diagnostic veterinary needs, such as endoscopy or digital radiology, we refer to the best board-certified imaging specialist in San Antonio.