San Antonio Puppy & Kitten Care: A Healthy Start for New Pets in the San Antonio Area


At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, puppies and kittens get a healthy start. From vaccines to spay and neuter surgery, we provide everything your youngster needs.

Puppy & Kitten Exams

We see your puppy and kitten several times during the first year of life, to determine health status, treat for parasites, give vaccinations that provide protection from disease, and assess the need for dental care. At these visits, we offer information to pet owners about nutrition, pet behavior, grooming, and much more. We also discuss our recommendations for microchipping and spay or neuter surgery.

Wellness Testing

Wellness testing helps maintain your pet’s health and prevent disease by promoting early detection and treatment of illnesses. By establishing a baseline, we can closely monitor your pet’s health status annually. Testing a small amount of blood and fresh urine sample can easily determine the normal baseline. A comprehensive health profile consists of:

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Complete chemistry and electrolytes
  • Feline AIDS and leukemia test (indoor/outdoor felines only)

We then compare these baseline results to any abnormal results found at a later date. After the baseline has been established, we monitor these systems with yearly health exams.

The VPI PAWS Wellness System

Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital now offers the VPI PAWS system for pet wellness care. PAWS provides an exclusive online portal that allows you to view your pet’s preventive and wellness care treatment history, track your preventive care services, and update credit card and billing information.

The PAWS system allows our pet owners to enjoy monthly payment plans that help spread the cost of preventive care over time. You can also obtain comprehensive protection for unexpected veterinary care with an optional discounted VPI Pet Insurance policy. Finally, a custom toll-free telephone number is available if you need personal assistance.

The greatest benefit of all, however, is for your pets. Studies have shown that regular preventive care results in detecting and treating diseases earlier, leading to increased longevity and a better quality of life.

Contact our hospital to discuss wellness planning for your special pet.