GirlAndDog2With tough economic times still impacting many family budgets, there can be a tendency to wait until emergency situations occur in our pet’s health before seeking veterinary care. However, foregoing routine examinations, vaccinations, and testing can diminish the quality of life for our pet, and end up costing much more in the long run.

Just like our own annual physicals and tests that are vital to diagnosing and preventing the onset of disease, our pets benefit from the same type of preventative care. At Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital, our wellness plans focus on every facet of health in your pet’s life, including behavioral, physiological, and age-related needs.

Wellness plans also include those important examinations that provide a baseline of information to be used as your pet ages. Consistent veterinary care and comprehensive testing are incredibly helpful in determining underlying health issues and increasing longevity.

Wellness plans are also beneficial in that they foster an ongoing relationship between your pet’s veterinary team, you, and your pet. This allows us to better serve your pet’s health needs and develop a unique and comprehensive wellness plan.  Wellness care for your pet includes creating a health profile based on important tests, such as complete blood count, thyroid analysis, and urinalysis, among others.

Wellness Care for Your Puppy or Kitten

Preventative care for your puppy or kitten is a great way to start him or her on a lifelong path to health and happiness. As you likely know, young pets go through so many changes in the first year, and with those changes come a spay or neuter surgery, microchipping, examinations, vaccinations, and parasite screening.

Kittens and puppies are also more susceptible to parasites and common communicable diseases, making diligence in veterinary care imperative.

Senior Health: Wellness for Your Mature Pet

For every year of your life, your pet ages approximately 6-10 years. This reality of aging stresses the importance of examinations and tests every six months. To prevent common age-related diseases, these findings help detect any potential problems early and allow us to develop a proactive treatment plan before symptoms become more complex and potentially difficult to treat.

Older pets also benefit from regular dental care, as it is common for our mature cats and dogs to develop an array of tooth and gum diseases. Your senior pet can enjoy a long and fulfilling life and preventative care is paramount to this.

VPI PAWS Wellness System

In order to help make wellness care easy and affordable, Leon Valley Veterinary Hospital works with the VPI PAWS system, which makes routine wellness care for your pet an economical option. With PAWS, you receive your own exclusive online portal that allows you to view your pet’s preventative care history, receive notifications of pending services and vaccination needs, and so many other pet-personalized options.

To help you better plan for and prioritize pet wellness care, PAWS is based on a monthly payment system that is budget-friendly, convenient, and was created specifically to improve the quality of care for the pets and pet owners we serve.


With a wealth of information and diagnostic testing available, veterinary medicine is now much more equipped to focus on early detection and prevention of disease and age-related issues. If you would like to create a wellness care plan for your pet, please give us call. We’re happy to schedule an appointment to discuss the optimal plan for your best friend.